The Reason Why Ecommerce SEO Is Not, and shouldn’t be, a One-Shot Wonder

When we talk about one-shot-wonder in business marketing perspective, it basically refers to a business or company that gains popularity in no time and then loses that fame in no time and without any reason.

So, when you are setting up the SEO process of an ecommerce business, this one-shot-wonder scenario is not something that you would want. The main purpose of SEO is to start the digital marketing process by slowly getting embraced by the audience and then gain popularity to have a longer stay in the top search results. Hence, this SEO approach can give you more sales and better customer feedback, if you are working on the quality of product too.

With that said, the use of unethical SEO practices might be able to give your listing a brief spark in search results that but shine fades away pretty quickly. Such SEO providers would give you a nice pitch regarding how good it is to get quicker results in SEO but they wouldn’t tell you the other side of story.

The reason top ecommerce sites stand prominently above other competitors is that those sites only use good quality SEO practices which come at the rate of a fortune.

The old-school SEO practices

Sometimes, it gets hard for the companies to renew their contract with the high-end SEO providers after some time of working. So, after finishing the contract, things start sliding back to the position from where they started making progress. In that scenario, the best possible solution is to stick with the old-school SEO best practices to keep an eye on the website’s structure and performance in search engine. Your basic SEO knowledge is definitely going to help you in the process. Hence, a data-driven SEO approach should be followed to stay in the game.

Data-driven SEO can evolve into full-scale marketing practice

If you have not been working on the data-driven SEO after finishing the contract with your SEO team, you might not be able to grab any chance of improvement due to the errors which are created as a result of not maintaining check and balance procedure. By keeping an eye on the website’s structure and search metrics, there are certain benefits that you can get. For instance:

  • You will be able to quickly find out the potential of keywords you are choosing.
  • You will be able to identify quickly the search terms which are used by serious buyers. So, you can make on-site and off-site pages by keeping those terms in view.
  • You will have better chance of identifying the true ability of your content.
  • You can ensure that the structure and navigation of your site is guiding the viewers to turn into customers.
  • You will be able to identify any problems in their early stages and fix them before they start hitting your brand’s popularity.


Bottom line is that consistent analysis of your website’s performance can let you make tweaks and changes in your SEO strategy to raise its level.